This is
Enterprise Digital transformation.

Solving the previously unsolvable.

  • Unify all your data
  • Build AI models
  • Deploy critical AI applications

849 unique enterprise and extraprise source data integrations

OmmaniSoft brings together every data source—across regions and across businesses.

4.8 million AI
models in use

OmmaniSoft runs AI models at scale for powerful predictions across the most complex organizations.

1.7 billion
predictions per day

OmmaniSoft offers more than 20, pre-built, industry-specific AI applications to optimize critical processes.

Enterprise-scale AI across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations

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Increasing aircraft readiness using AI Reliability

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Largest production deployment of AI and IoT applications

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Enterprise AI for oil and gas

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Enterprise data analytics platform and AMI operations

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Using AI for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operations

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Global 100 enterprise digital transformation

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AI for defense

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Digital Transformation by Thomas M. Siebel. Available now